Love vintage photography? Tips that would be a handful on your vintage photos

Love vintage photography? Tips that would be a handful on your vintage photos

Trends keep changing often from year to year from all sides from fashion to photography. Mobile photography these days even has edit options for filters as a vintage that is how popular vintage is. A vintage photography look has been rocking the social media pages of millions of people these days. As of on early days of mobile pictures the quality of images they produced was not so good which led way for the filters that covered all the fillers in pictures.

But in this smart age, the vintage look is still popular and many are willing to get into old times through their pictures. There are a few tips and guidelines that would be helpful to make your vintage photos viral.


The guideline:

Photography is a life-learning process where one keeps learning for one lifetime. To get your pictures unique one needs to try all tricks and tips for taking vintage photography which will pay off surely in your picture’s quality. One important step would be to study old cameras and their features so that we get an idea of how they work and capture images. So that we can get an idea to replicate those looks with the modern-day equipment and their technique.

Faded colors create a huge impact to give the images a vintage look as the olden days were the golden days of photography where photos were physically present. The fade effects can be done by shadowing or reducing the contrast of the picture with the red tint added to them.

Vintage looks need vintage products sometimes so that we get into the feel naturally. Equipment and props are surely playing a major role in the pictures that bring back our nostalgic old memories. Old compasses, the early age cycles, and of course vintage cameras might be helpful to recreate the look.

Imperfections and less alignment were a part of vintage photography, unlike modern-day photos. A little faded with little blur will give the vintage look to the photo as cameras at those times never produced sharp images. Getting the pictures bit out of focus will help increating vintage-look images rather than edit them out with the effects later.

Black and white are the colors of all time capturing the pictures in monochrome appear like the picture is frozen in time. Still, the feel the black and white image gives could never be replaced by modern-day photos.