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Fine Art Photography | Why do I shoot film?

August 16, 2018

Shooting film brings me joy. It pushes me to be a better photographer and more fulfilled artist.



I could never quite get my images to look the way I wanted, there was ALWAYS something missing. I could never quite pinpoint what that “something” was, but I knew it when I looked at other photographers work that I loved. Laura Gordon, Jose Villa, KT MerryTaylor and Porter – just to name a few. Finally, it dawned on me – they all shoot film. At that point I knew what I wanted and what I needed to do, and that was to shoot film too. I ordered my first film camera and never looked back. Now I knew I was a fast learner, who also had the motivation and drive to teach myself how learn this new medium, but I also knew it would take a ton of hard work, time and dedication. While my first few rolls weren’t perfect, I was hooked!



As an artist it is so important to be constantly evolving, growing and improving. Without a constant flow of growth we run the risk of becoming stagnant, uninspired and indifferent about our craft. For me, shooting film gave me a platform for continuing to grow, adding more value to the final product and injecting new life and inspiration into my artistic process. With film I am fully immersed in the moment, I’m in tune with interactions, light, environment and the manner in which all of these elements are working together to create each image. It forces me to create each image with intention.



Most of us would agree that when we look at a film image, there is something special about it. Film possesses an indescribable something that cannot be quantified. It’s the grain in the black and whites that have so much heart and character. It’s the perfect skin tones that make every subject look flawlessly beautiful. It’s the focus that seems to be simultaneously sharp and soft in all the right places. It’s the otherworldly colors that can’t quite be replicated with digital. I love film. I love film because it helps me capture reality in the most beautiful way possible. It’s not a fad. It’s not a trend. It’s timeless and it will never go out of style.



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